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Carolina Piedmont Capital offers equipment manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and product resellers the finance services you require to deliver a better customer experience. You’ve worked hard to build your business, but sometimes the only thing keeping you from achieving the next level is overcoming one obstacle; your customers’ need to finance. If you’re not addressing your customers’ needs by offering a finance option, your sales may suffer. You may even lose sales.

Carolina Piedmont Capital delivers customized vendor finance programs to help you increase sales and become more competitive in the marketplace. Our aim is to ensure that you have the financing tools necessary to drive sales and improve your competitiveness. Our senior finance experts work closely with you to create the right finance programs that will increase the speed of your sales cycle — all the while taking the time to carefully consider the goals and objectives of your end user customer. . We combine specialized vendor finance knowledge with easy and streamlined processes to deliver exceptional vendor finance solutions.

Here’s how the program works.

  1. Vendor contracts with Carolina Piedmont Capital to provide finance and lease solutions for customers.
  2. Vendor sells equipment to customer.
  3. Vendor offers a finance option to their prospective customer, and then submits a credit application to Carolina Piedmont Capital.
  4. Upon credit approval, vendor will deliver product to customer.
  5. Customer will confirm delivery of product with Carolina Piedmont Capital
  6. Carolina Piedmont Capital then pays the vendor, and collects the financed payments from the customer.

At the end of the finance term, customer buys or continues to lease the equipment from Carolina Piedmont Capital.

Its that easy! Are you missing sales? You don’t have to.

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