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Carolina Piedmont Capital is a specialist in providing you with the necessary capital to fund any company you wish to acquire. Carolina Piedmont Capital's Merger & Acquisition service offers the same analysis and business valuation methods as larger and more expensive M&A firms and comes highly recommended for any business owner desiring to acquire, merge, take on partners, buy-out partners or sell their business. Carolina Piedmont Capital representatives have the necessary skills required to negotiate any practice sale. Buying or selling your business may be the biggest financial decision you ever make. You need qualified professionals assisting you along the way. Teaming with Carolina Piedmont Capital is one of the best ways to avoid expensive mishaps. Carolina Piedmont Capital is a fully integrated financial firm that provides capital services to healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

Services we provide:

Our Merger & Acquisition experts have performed complex business mergers/ acquisitions and business valuations for a wide variety of industry types nationwide. We work with businesses of all sizes, tailoring our expertise to meet your size and need. Focusing on the desired result of each transaction, Carolina Piedmont Capital can arrange senior debt, mezzanine, note purchase, and equity financing.

We accomplish this by:

  • Analysis of the purchase price. We determine if the purchase price can be supported based upon the cash flow of the acquired entity.
  • We do an in depth analysis to determine whether the purchase price is within the standards of the industry.
  • Financing to purchase the company. We do this by leveraging the existing assets of the company to the maximum amount based upon cash flows available, keeping your cash requirements to a minimum.
  • We can also provide the equity necessary should there be a cash shortfall between the financing and the cash you are putting into the transaction.

With an aggressive approach and substantial expertise in debt and private equity placement, the professional team at Carolina Piedmont Capital pledges their knowledge of mergers, business acquisitions, expansions and capital markets to structure financing solutions specific to your deal at hand. Carolina Piedmont Capital advises active middle market and institutional clients on the acquisition of core and value-added businesses.

Carolina Piedmont Capital Finance brokers are seasoned professionals. We have developed long standing relationships with numerous lenders that specialize in finance sales, mergers, acquisitions and structured finance deals. Since we are experienced in the buying and selling of businesses, Carolina Piedmont Capital brokers are very knowledgeable in what to look for and what to avoid. Our experienced representatives will act as intermediaries and work in helping all parties, bringing buyers and sellers together, complete the sale. We like happy buyers and sellers; that means when both parties are satisfied, and everyone is agreeable to the terms and conditions, then the sale is made!


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