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Carolina Piedmont Capital is a premier national lender providing financing to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. With our Electronic Payment Financing service, Carolina Piedmont Capital provides needed capital to a large variety of the business sector.

Unlock the Cash Tied Up in Your Receivables.

Instead of submitting and financing against individual invoices, Carolina Piedmont Capital evaluates the past 6 months of your electronic payment receipt volume and finances against the business' projected electronic payment activity. Repayment for financing occurs through collection of a predetermined fixed percentage of your future electronic receivables.

  • Our financing is non-recourse (no personal guarantee repayment) and unsecured (no asset or cash flow collateral required).
  • Good candidates are clients that receive regular electronic payments (no less frequent than weekly)
  • Diversified client base OR from government sources.

While we focus predominantly on the individual doctor and private practice, any healthcare related business that processes electronic payments would be a qualified candidate for this program.

Businesses that represent the best fit for this type of financing include:

  • Companies who use a billing company to collect (electronic) payments from their customers (to include Visa, MasterCard and all other electronic payment types)
  • Medical facilities who receive regular Medicare EFTs and HMO/insurance company payments electronically. Examples include but are not limited to ambulatory or surgical centers, imaging centers, emergency care clinics, pain clinics, medical parks with multiple specialties and pharmacies.
  • Practitioners that perform high elective procedures and accept GE Care Credit and other forms of patient financing (ACH, Direct Debit, Visa etc.) as payment from customers. Examples include but are not limited to dentists, aestheticians, plastic or cosmetic surgeons, orthodontists and veterinarians.
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